The National Lotus Company For Paper Industry​


 We are the national lotus company for paper, an Egyptian company established on 2009 in Sadat city for producing packaging paper and started production on 2013 with capacity of 20000 ton/year of fluting and test liner

As we believes it is our corporate social responsibility to demonstrate environmental stewardship and promote sustainability as we predominantly a recycling industry and uses waste paper as major raw material for production of its product and hence use of the natural resources like virgin fibers coming from forest wood are not there. These help to prevent any adverse impact to environment.

Using recycled water to 100% again is major step where by natural fresh water from well etc. are not used and the activity supports the environment positively.

remains focused on serving our customers and honoring our commitments to our shareholders. At the same time, customers, investors, employees, and communities are increasingly looking to us to help deal with complex environmental challenges. In today’s world, it is imperative that we deal effectively with the triple bottom line of people, planet, and profits. To that end, we intend to continually promote a culture of environmental sustainability that not only cascades throughout our organization, but expands beyond our facilities to our ecosystem of business partners, customers, and community.

Profit and growth by pursuing strong business strategies and commitment to quality.
-  Process automation and business fortification.
-  Leveraging the talents for competitive success.
To be the first in the Egyptian local market and get a good exporting share